The company believes that development happens if a chain of activities are supported at different pairs and not with a discrete intervention. It, therefore, does not target the poorest exclusively. It basically targets different livelihood options that are in practice and if a person is associated in a strategic position who can contribute in the development of that particular activity as a viable livelihood option, the company supports her as well.
Microfinance India Summit
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"The Poor First"
Ashoka Hotel, New Delhi
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UNACCO Financial Services Private Limited (UFSPL), an NBFC operating in five states of India namely Assam, Manipur, West Bengal, Tripura and Mizoram with its 25 branches in various districts of the five states.

UFSPL is successfully working under the project “Economic Empowerment Programme for the Poor Women (EEPPW)” which aims to improve the pace and quality of life of the rural and semi-urban women through micro credit.
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As on 31-08-2016

Outreach -   45,539

Number of states covered - 5

Number of districts covered - 15

Number of villages covered - 1042

FY Disbursed amount - INR 22.96 crore

Total outstanding - INR 39.06 crore

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